New radios available for sale

This is a list of the different radios available for sale at present, this list may not be complete and they may not be available at all CB radio retailers, they are categorised by brands

Thunderpole "T" series

  1. Thunderpole T-800. (rebadge of Luiton LT-268 and Nanfone CB-268)
  2. Thunderpole T-2000 (rebadge of Luiton LT-318 and Nanfone CB-318)
  3. Thunderpole T-3000 (rebadge of Nanfone CB-689)


  1. TTI TCB-555 As the TTI TCB-550 but with USB port for mobile phone charging
  2. TTI TCB-565 As above but without the USB port, a signal meter and a slightly different control layout
  3. TTI TCB-900 A TCB-950 is also listed on Thunderpole's website but it appears to be identical
  4. TTI TCB-881n
  5. TTI TCB-1100


  1. Midland M-Mini. This radio is similar to to the CRT Millenium and PNI Escort HP7120 below, except for a fixed mic and an accesory socket in place of the up and down keys
  2. Midland Alan 78 Pro. An updated version of the 78 Plus Multi that can be connected to a 24-volt supply (ie trucks and buses) without a dropper and also a noise blanker and 'digital' squelch (which is an auto squelch). I own a version 5 of the original 78+ Multi which is featured in the video on YouTube I made, due to the mic position it is one I can recommend for fitting to any RHD vehicle (98% of all British registered vehicles, there are some vehicles, usually imports or road sweepers, that are LHD). I had the 78+ Multi fitted to a Peugeot 106 for a short time and it does work well in a UK spec car with its mic socket located where it is
  3. Midland Alan 48 Plus Multi B
  4. Midland M10. Like the TTI TCB-555 this radio has a USB socket for charging phones
  5. Midland M20. This also includes a USB socket for phone charging
  6. Midland M5. This radio has all the controls in the mic so can be fitted underneath a seat or in the boot subject to the length of the cable between the mic and main unit, it also has a USB socket for charging phones
  7. Midland M30. Rebadged AnyTone radio
  8. Midland 88. A radio with the same form factor at the Thunderpole T-3000, a large colour LCD display and front facing speaker


  1. President Barry AM/FM
  2. President Bill ASC. A compact offering from President featuring a USB charging port on the front, ideal for those small cars
  3. President Teddy A basic radio with only the controls and features you need however with very good build quality
  4. President McKinleyA full featured radio with front facing speaker and SSB operation on the CEPT channels, do note however this is a very expensive radio and you may not want this in your car even though it complies with what I plan to propose to HM Government


  1. Albrecht AE-6110 Multi. This radio is ideal for these proposals as it is small enough to fit into the smallest car
  2. Albrecht AE-6491. DIN space mounting so suited to vehicles with a vacant car stereo sized slot, also fitted with front-mount speaker


  1. CRT S-Mini. Very basic, meets the requirements for the proposals and is small enough to fit in the smallest cars
  2. CRT One N. Another small radio that will fit the smallest car, also quite basic
  3. CRT Millenium. Another small radio for where space is at a premium
  4. CRT 2000 Rebadged AnyTone unit similar to the Midland M30 above though with a standard black case rather than the silver of the Midland variant


PNI is a Romanian brand so the packaging these radios will come in will be in Romanian and state the CEPT frequencies, however these radios should have an option to switch to the UK mode, the manual should also have a set of English instructions in it

  1. PNI Escort HP7120. This radio is otherwise identical to the CRT Millenium above and can be got with an antenna for around 50 at time of writing
  2. PNI Escort HP6500. Identical to the HP7120 above however has black buttons like the CRT Millenium
  3. PNI Escort HP8000L. Almost Identical to the Thunderpole T-800 but supplied with a different microphone
  4. PNI Escort HP8024. As above but will work on 24 volts (trucks and buses)
  5. PNI Escort HP8001L. As the PNI Escort HP8000L but with a headset connector for handsfree use and a headset included in the box
  6. PNI Escort HP9001 Pro. Near enough identical to the Thunderpole T2000 however supplied with a different microphone
  7. PNI Escort HP9500. Near enough identical to the Thunderpole T-3000 however may not allow AM/FM operation on the EU channels when in UK mode


Moonraker are a prominent supplier of radio equipment in the UK, they have since CB became legal in the UK in 1981 sold various radios under their own brand

  1. Moonraker Micro. At time of writing this is the cheapest CB radio on the market at 40 and is small enough for cars where space is really at a premium
  2. Moonraker Minor II Plus. Pretty much identical to the Thunderpole T-800 and PNI HP8000 series radios, however it uses the same mic as the PNI radios and is advertised as being 24 volt capable for trucks and buses, this radio should, like its Thunderpole sibling, already be supplied set to the UK set of channels

This list will be updated as time goes on and radio availablity changes
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